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An eldritch being of suspishfish origin. I moonlight as a Designer of Things and a Writer of Words.
I am publicly active on socials only on nights when the sun is bright, but I will respond to DMs if you need something!Commission Status:
Open 🗹
Discord: .notafish.
(formerly notafish#6601)


So somehow, out of all the fun places to visit on the internet like Reddit and.... Reddit... you arrived here, on my little portfolio thing. You've looked through the other pages, and now you wanna know about me, notafish (not case sensitive).Well, you've come to the wrong place, pal. You ain't gettin' nothin' outta me....You're still here?Alright. You're the curious sort. No hard feelings.Here's a list of questions I imagine someone such as yourself might have for me:Can I commission you for [insert request]?
I mean. If you like what I do and I am not lost in the wretched depths of despair, then yeah, probably! I can be reached via homing pigeon, but if that fails, you can try Discord or any of the socials I have linked on the home page.
Cordial greetings upon ye, spam text message!
How do I know you're really not a fish?
You're right to be skeptical. If someone I'd just met claimed they weren't a fish completely unprompted, that would make me pretty suspicious, too. All I can say is: you're just gonna have to trust me on this one.
If you're not a fish, then what are your hobbies?
★ Swimming
★ Hanging out in bodies of water
★ Eating small crustaceans
★ Playing on fishhooks

I enjoy writing novels, screenplays, fanfiction and other things! I am also a deplorable genre-bouncer with a love for fantasy, romance, cozy, mystery, and horror.You might notice the plots in my personal projects are little more than thinly veiled excuses for characters to make puns and kiss.I will make no apologies.

Somewhere along the way, my finger slipped and I accidentally started working in Photoshop. One thing led to another, and now I like to make logos, GUIs, marketing materials and Other Important Things look super cute.And when I say super cute, I mean super cute.I like designing cute and fantastical aesthetics with vibrant colors and incorporating simple animations where I can to make visuals even more engaging.